Pixxelpoint 2019 preliminary progamme:

The high-voltage installation Sirius by Marko Peljhan and Matthew Biederman will, through the absurd logic of artificial intelligence, question the boundaries of the militant. While Špela Petrič will once again, after her recent Ars Electronica distinction, hark to the whisper of plants in the bio-art work-process of Nociceptor, intelligible also if not only to the deaf.

The Swedish interface magician Hakan Lidbo will present his strange Alterplex instrument, while Janus A. Luznar will let us sink into a live, realtime intimate feedback loop with his heart in the performance of ICTUSCORDIS

In the spirit of endless automation, the DJ I, Robot Soundsystem ofChris Csíkszentmihályi will ensure the beat goes on in a world without humans, while VIBRATION No.03 by the Croatian artist Dominik Grdić will subwoof a dedicated studio space in a sound documentary based on site-specific research across Nova Gorica.

Pixxelpoint 2019 will host the HEK(media)LAB collective of the Maribor transnational guerrilla art school GT 22, along with the Huxtrl creative studio and the InstrumentGT22The Berlin based performance space Grüntaler9 will, in form of its mobile extension of BYS229 driven by the curator Teena Lange along the European motorways, import intrinsic incidents by empowering performance artists and artistic researchers. 

The Kromberk industrial zone will be connected with the cultural center of Nova Gorica through the augmented reality visions of BulvAR by Arctur, in its Huture Space the company will host the Slovakian artist Maria Judova who will in her mesmerizing AR piece Kykeon take you to deep immersion into the reality of shamanic wisdom through contemporary dance.

The little pine-tree forest in the center of Nova Gorica will welcome children in a 3d workshop to jointly create MonstAR zOO, a urban innovation of augmented reality by AKEO Labs and Valerie Wolf Gang

Serbian artist Dejan Grba and Swiss artist Philippe Kocher will explore the imprecision of the GPS as a generator of conceptual source material for creative processing and expression. Miriam Raggam, Hanns Holger Rutz, Nayari Castillo and Reni Hofmueller will feature Meanders, an installation recollecting physical data of the city transformed into sound passed through a compositional generator. 

Jaka Železnikar will invite to reflecting the Nova Gorica - Gorizia cultural landscape in the online Open Map, while Sašo Sedlaček's special iteration of P.O.M.P. will mislead the lazy audience to participate in cryptocurrency farming. 

Across some shop-windows of Nova Gorica, the Austrian artist Helene Thuemmel will video-gesture the landscape as an interface of perception and memory. While the Lebanese artist and researcher Laure Keyrouz will check out CHAL (Contemporary Human Archive in Lebanon) Digital Archive Project, where literature intersects with art practices through human connection transformed into a digital space. 

The ADRIART.CE network lead by the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts will flank through and intervene into the tissue of the Nova Gorica - Gorizia twin-town conurbation in a ten-day workshop, involving a motley flaneuring community of students and mentors from Belgrade, Budapest, Rijeka, Graz, Skopje, Nova Gorica and Krakow. 

With a three-day workshop and a two-day theoretical symposium the consortium (Austria, Portugal, Croatia, Belgium, Slovenia) will be, in several lectures and round tables, Mapping the Initiatives, Spaces and Works across Art, Science and New Technologies.

The accompanying video-film programme will include works by Peter Mettler, Jasna Hribernik, Kristina Steinbock and Ema Kugler as well as feature a selection of short animated films by the Ars Electronica Animation Festival.

Along the exceptionally diverse music programme of Pixxelmusic, Heallo, the rave event curated by Jatun Risba, brings the dancing crowd into the casino -- in a happening with no performers, audience or egos, where everyone joins in to create new forms of ecstasy, value and collectivity. HIT will also host a week-long intermedia workshop, featuring the maestro of device magic Slavko Glamočanin and pETER Purg: at the Park, Casino & Hotel's premises slot machines will be hacked into musical instruments -- or just become artistic totems as eternal interfaces of unverifiable reality.

The festival was made possible by